Primarni/Pradamart: Primark's New Collection!

After reading a plethora of blogposts about LOOK's exclusive Primark collection preview I decided to have a donder through, and boy was I pleased!
Here's a few pieces I picked out that I will be looking for in my Primark as soon as money comes my way:

I'm really liking the floral boots, they remind me of Jeffery Campbel's Litas without the wooden heel, almost. They'll be the closed I'll ever get to Litas anyway! 

I've really been into Primark since we got one in Edinburgh. I pretty much only shop in charity shops and Primark now. I'll never say no to a bargain!  I'm glad their new collection looks just as good as their last. I can see right where my next paycheck is going!

Do you think Primark has become one of the better places to shop recently? I think they're bang on trend for the most part!

Insta-update (Insanely picture heavy)

I figured, since the last time I did a proper post I've been away twice and got a new flat, I would do a update post. I'm still in the process of moving (won't be in there untill around July 13-15th) so I won't be doing much blog-wise. My current flat looks like an actual bomb has hit it. Anyway, here's what I've been up to in pictures (there's lots, be warned);

•This is Liam, my fiance, looking dapper whilst on the train to Aberdeen (to catch the ferry to Shetland)
•Me eating a chocolate coin from Starbucks, Yum!
•View from the front of the ferry, on the way out of Aberdeen Harbour.
•Sunset in Shetland. Such a beautiful island. I fell head-over-heals in-love with the place first time I went. I can't wait to settle down here.

•Me and Liam posing in his granny's bathroom.
• This cupcake was from 'A Fine Peerie Cake Shop' in Shetland. If anyone is ever up there, go. It's a beautiful place and their cakes are gorgeous.
•This is a cupcake from Liam's Uncles wedding. I do believe the brides mother made these. Wow is all I have to say about this cake.
• Legs! I love'd my tights, couldn't resist a photo of them. They got ripped not long after :(

• Two landscapes of Shetland. 

•Liam on yet another train! This time we were off to Yorkshire. We usually get a bus because they're so much cheaper, but there was deals on the trains.
• My little sister! The cutest wee girl in the world. You don't want to see her when she's in a    mood though ahah.
• Slam Dunk North! This is why we went down to Yorkshire. I bought my little brother a ticket for his birthday but because he is under 16 he needed a guardian. How convenient :P. On the left is Austin Carlisle from Of Mice And Men (If you're into that kind of music and you get the chance to see them, don't miss out. Best band I saw at Slam Dunk). On the right is Adam Lazzara from Taking Back Sunday. One of my favourite teenage bands, I felt 13 again watching them. I saw them last year, but they were even better second time round!
• Liam playing with my mums snake!
• My dog Dylan 'helping' my mum and Liam clean the garden.
•The bottom of my beautiful dress teamed with the cheapest, yet cutest slippers ever!

• Liam and I's first Domino's! We had a farewell dinner for my friend Lauren. She's transfering uni's so we won't even be living in the same country anymore. She's the best, and pretty much only friend I've made since moving to Edinburgh, so she will be missed more than she'll ever know. I'm a loner once again! I'd also like to wish her good luck as she is in hospital today. <3
• The view from our balcony! We're moving flat. The new flat is 3x's the size of the one we live in at the moment, and has two balconies! Plus it is cheaper as we will be sharing it with our good friend, and Liam's work-mate Ailsa. 
• These are our new flat mate's pets. She was away for a while so we were looking after them. Good practice for when we're living with them and looking after them fulltime! Left is Ami, the nicest rat ever. She would lick your fingers forever if you let her.  Right is Billy. He's an albino hedgehog. He's just become a dad! He and Tilly (Ailsa's other hedgehog) just had 6 baby hedgehogs, so we've got our hands full for a while!
•Super noodles, not the most glamorous food but needed. I've put a spending ban on me and Liam. which includes fancy foods. We're paying rent in two flats, I've just finished my job so am looking for another one, and I don't get any student loan untill September so we're very tight on money! any review posts in the next few months will be of products I already have.
• and finally, lips. I've recently started wearing lippy. Usually I don't bother, but I love it at the moment. I have a fair few but never wear any of it!  I'm also doing the #PhotoADayJune challenge if you want to follow me (Username is @qolour)

and that's all!

I've also changed my blog name to qolour (pronounced Colour). Liam's old COD name was qolor-fuu (Colour-full kinda). He does't use it any more and said he since I'm "such a colourful person" (no idea if he meant my hair or what hah!) it'd be perfect for me! I changed the spelling a little bit since I'm British so colour has a 'u' in it.  Tell me what you think of it? does it sound silly?

I hope everyone is having a nice summery time so far!