Happy New Year!

Just a wee post to wish everyone a happy new year! 
I wish everyone the best for 2014.
 I have a few plans and resolutions for next year so will probably share them in a few posts time (I'm working the 31st and the 1st boohoo, so won't be posting too much until the 2nd!)

Hope everyone welcomes in the new year in style!

See you all next year

My Christmas 2013

This was Liam and I's second Christmas away from our families, so I think we're getting used to it by now. Bit sad we could't   get to see our families, but we had a lovely day none the less. We spent the day eating lots, playing lots of xbox and generally  just enjoying each others, and the dog's, company. Will definitely be needing to use my new trainers to burn off all the 'pigs in blankets' I ate!

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, and will have an even better New year!

My November (also, I'm back!)

First off, sorry! University completely took over my life for the whole of November/ beginning of December, so I kinda had to forget about blogging completely. But, I've finished now! So I'm back, and will be blogging regularly hopefully. 

As a wee step back into blogging, here's a look at my November/ beginning of December;

My ebook // super late night hot chocolates // shooting cheerleaders for uni
It's Christmmaaasss! // First draft of my 'transparent' book // Desperate attempt at some energy for work

Third year is so much more stressful than I ever thought it would be. The workload jump from second to third is unreal, I can only imagine how much I'm going to struggle with fourth year! There was a time when I spent just over 24 full hours at uni- how ridiculous!

Anyway, I hope everyone's November's were lovely and Decembers are even better so far!

I'll be back with real content again soon, promise. 

Merry Christmas!