Meet the new member of my family (+a quick update)

First off- I have no internet. I moved flat just over a week ago so we're still waiting for our line to be connected. I've also been really ill for the last week, meaning I barely got any unpacking done. Let me just say- Illness without an internet connection is really boring (plus our flats last occupiers removed the ariel plug to install a different one, so we have no TV either). Posts will be a lot more regular once I actually get internet!

On to the only thing keeping me sane at the moment; 

This is Felek. He is a cross-breed of some sort (we think he has Corgi in him, but others have also said Jack Russell, Collie and Spaniel) and is around 10 years old. Felek is apparently a Polish boys name that is derived from the word 'lucky', but neither me nor Liam are Polish so we can't say that for certain!   (If anyone knows if this is true, please let me know).

We adopted him at the beginning of the month because his old family brought him into the vets my old flat mate works in, to destroy him. Now, he is a very healthy dog, especially for his age, so of-course the vets wouldn't do it. One thing lead to the next and he came home with us.  

I may do a post about dog adoption/dog care in the future as both me and Liam have always had a dog (minus when we first moved out), and Liam is a dog/cat nutritions adviser in a major pet retailer. Let me know if you would be interested.

As I said, we're still waiting for internet. Expect more content once I'm connected!
Let me know if you want any pet-posts, I have more pets than a zoo so could do a wee series!

Have a nice week everyone. 


As some of you may know, I'm moving flat again in about a week. The flat we're moving to isn't the poshest of flats. An estate agent would say its "decorated neutrally throughout", but in reality, its jut not decorated. Cream carpets and white walls, and nothing else. Time to get my thinking hat on!

I've put together a bit of a 'mood board', but its got way more kitchen stuff on it than anything else. You can guess where my head is at!

I've been using Pintrest to gather some 'homespiration', if you want to follow me to see more you can follow me here.

Anyone got any tips on packing while I'm here? I don't know where to start!
Or where to find removal companies. This is gonna be a stressful month.

Have a nice day.