REVIEW | Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Toning Shampoo

As a sometimes white, sometimes lilac, locked lady, keeping my hair colour fresh (aka, not yellow) is sometimes a difficult but very necessary task. Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Toning Shampoo is by far the best product for the task. 

Violet toning shampoos, silver shampoos or purple shampoos, are all basically shampoo that contain purple pigments. As purple is directly opposite yellow on the colour wheel, these purple pigments help to cancel any brassy tones you have in your hair. If you're a blonde, silver, white, lilac or even violet, these bad boys can keep your colour going far longer than it usually would. 

Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Toning Shampoo could be a little bit scary when you first squeeze some out, especially if you're not going for the lilac look, but don't worry, as long as you don't leave it on too long you won't become a pastel princess. However, if you're after the lilac look, this is better than any dye I've tried. I pop this on for about 2 hours and I get the pastel purple you see in the sidebar image (and it lasts months... and I mean months)

I've tried a lot of toning shampoos, but my search for the perfect purple shampoo is over. This bottle lasted me about 6 months, if not longer, using it every other wash (plus toning after dying), so it's well worth the price. I recently bought a 1L bottle of this, and no doubt it will last me well over a year. 

Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Toning Shampoo is a must for any light haired ladies and gents. It works amazingly, it smells gorgeous and it's brilliant value for money. I'll never waste my money on cheaper toning shampoos that you have to use half a bottle just to see a small result again.

Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Toning Shampoo- Currently on sale for £8.96

Whats your favourite shampoo?
Have any other recommendations for white/silver/lilac hair?

LIFE | Keeping Creative.

You'd think as a photography and film student, I'd be creative often enough, but really, it's just stressful. I think anyone who studies something they love will tell you- uni/college takes the fun out of it!

I love taking photos. I've loved taking photos since I stole my dads Kodak brick a the age of 10, and I will love it when we can take photographs with our minds at the age of 100 (is someone developing this yet?). But with briefs, and outlines, criteria, and boundaries, and god knows what else governing every single project I do I need a way to escape the stress. 

Keeping a 'visual dairy' or an art journal is my number one way I keep my creative juices flowing. At the moment, I'm working full time at a burger restaurant (I like to refer to myself as a 'burger artist' or 'milkshake wizard' rather than a waitress though...) so I can feel my brain cells melt every single time I say "Would you like to make that a meal deal?", so it certainly helps in keeping me sane. I would love to organise shoots and spend all day photographing, but I just don't have the time to.

If I have a spare 20 minutes I pull out my mini-moleskine and get doodling, paining, pasting, cutting and sticking. I probably do this more during the summer than I do during term time, mostly because standing around all day asking people if they would "like to make it a meal deal?" gives me a lot of time to think of new ideas. 

When I can't get the idea train running, but I wan't to get my creative juices flowing I turn to Keri Smith's Wreck This Journal. Wreck This Journal is exactly how it sounds: It's a journal who's pages contain prompts to get you creative. It gets you breaking the spine, drawing all over the edges of the book, ripping pages out amongst many other things.

Sometimes, I just can't be bothered getting all my craft stuff out, or I fancy getting creative away from my flat,  for this, I use Wreck This App! This is the app version of the book, so if you prefer to sit down with your phone/tablet than an endless supply of crafty bits, then this may be better for you. It's cheaper and won't cost you anything supply wise and you can do it on the bus without everyone thinking you're a loon! (I realise this sounds like an advert for the Wreck This series; I wasn't sponsored I swear, I just really love these books!)

Keeping creative is important, especially if you find yourself spending your days doing something you don't enjoy. I know for me I find it super stressful to spend every day doing the same thing over and over, so breaking up my routine is essential for keeping my sanity!

What do you do to keep yourself stress free and full of creativity?

REVIEW | Botanics 93% Organic Super Balm

 Botanics 93% Organic Super Balm is exactly what it says on the tin: a super balm. 

I realise it may seem a bit strange to review something that may seem a bit more useful in in the harsh Winter weather, during Summer, but just wait. I did originally by this over the Christmas period, I have issues with dry skin, big issues, so I thought it might be good to pop on overnight, as a bit of a treatment (which it is), but I found an oil that works better so It got pushed to the back of my skincare stash. 

However, despite the fact I spend my spare time indoors, and I work indoors, I somehow managed to get a bit sunburnt. Being a pale lady, I stay out of the sun as much as possible, so I have no need for aftersun, so when I was burnt, I was at a loss at how to treat it. Either way, I popped some of this bad boy onto the burnt spots and it felt like heaven. It's quite a thick balm, so you don't need loads, but for anywhere dry or burnt, it works wonders.

 But it doesn't stop there. Some of you may find the next part a bit TMI, in which case, this may not be the blog for you! As a larger lady, I experience chub rub, especially during the summer months (I've included a handy little definition for you lucky, lucky souls who have never experienced chub rub). While, I do my best to prevent chub rub (post idea?), sometimes it happens. I used to reach for Bepanthen, or something similar, which works well too, but this stuff is just as good, doesn't leave a sticky residue like most nappy rash creams and I always have it in my bag due to its handy dandy little size!

Botanics 93% Organic Super Balm is handy for burns, chafing, keeping your cuticles and hands smooth, dry patches and lips, healing spots and you could even pop a little bit on the very ends of your hair for a mid-day pick me up! It helps that it's as cheap ad chips too (well, a couple pokes of chips maybe).  Botanics 93% Organic Super Balm, 93% organic but 100% super.

Whats your go to, all-round miracle product?