I love halloween. I don't really have the body for a sexy cat, so I tend to go all out scary. I didm't do anything huge for halloween, just went to a few friends house party. It was really fun to be honest, I'm not the biggest social butterfly so usually wimp out of house parties and stuff but as I tipsily said to my taxi driver on the way home; "any excuse to put latex on my face" (what was I thinking saying that?!)

Here's a few photo's of my efforts:

I created this look by mish-mashing a few YouTube tutorials together:

I know it's a bit late to help anyone come up with a costume, but I was quite proud of how it turned out and wanted to share!

What did you do for halloween?

REVIEW | Dove Hair Therapy Damage Solutions Shampoo & Conditioner

This stuff is amazing. I bleach my hair to high hell, so it's usually dry and unruly, but this duo seems to almost fix it. I've stopped using as much heat on my hair recently, so that also may have aided to the improvement, but I'd honestly say it's about 80% this. My hair feels silky, smooth and looks shiny for the first time in months.

As you can see, Dove Hair Therapy Damage Solutions Shampoo & Conditioner claims to "reconstruct hair from the inside", which to me say "we're not just coating your hair in gunk to make it feel nice, we're actually doing some good". Now whether or not thats true, I don't know, all I know is that my hair as now super soft and shiny, and doesn't get half as tangled. It feels stronger and I've noticed a little less shedding. It just feels healthier.

I got these two in a "2 for £4" deal from ASDA (which still seems to be running according to their online shopping website). I could only find the smaller sizes in Boots, which are £2.65 each, so it's well worth popping down to ASDA if you have one close.  I go through a big bottle of the conditioner in maybe 2 weeks, and the shampoo in 3 or 4, so they're alright value for money, but I'd still always search for the best deal. 

This shampoo and conditioner doesn't have a very strong scent, so won't leave your hair smelling of anything, but rather just very fresh. I also find it doesn't wash my lilac colour out too fast either, which is always a plus. 

I already have very dry hair, and in winter it just becomes a nightmare, but I think this may just be my winter saviour, yippee! 

Dove Hair Therapy Damage Solutions ShampooConditioner: Boots £2.65 each

What's your favourite shampoo/conditioner?