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I love halloween. I don't really have the body for a sexy cat, so I tend to go all out scary. I didm't do anything huge for halloween, just went to a few friends house party. It was really fun to be honest, I'm not the biggest social butterfly so usually wimp out of house parties and stuff but as I tipsily said to my taxi driver on the way home; "any excuse to put latex on my face" (what was I thinking saying that?!)

Here's a few photo's of my efforts:

I created this look by mish-mashing a few YouTube tutorials together:

I know it's a bit late to help anyone come up with a costume, but I was quite proud of how it turned out and wanted to share!

What did you do for halloween?

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  1. This is amazing, looks so real!! Great job! I always go as a zombie or something scary too, that's what Halloween is about anyway :)

    Claudia xx

    Beauty and the Chic

  2. your make up is so amazing, very scary!! x


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