Photography Exhibition- Edinburgh

As part of my course, we have to put on an exhibition. As a class we are putting on a 3 part exhibition revolving around the theme of 'Place'. 

The opening night is the 24th of March, at Out Of The Blue Drill Hall, but parts 2 and 3 open on the 31st of March and the 8th of April respectively, with a big and boozy closing event on the 11th of April.  

You can find out a bit more on the Facebook Event page. 

We are also struggling to fund the event, so if you have £1 to spare, we would really appreciate it if you could donate to our Kickstarter. We have put up a goal of £350, but this won't even cover a 3rd of what it will cost us. Even if you don't have anything to spare, if you could share the link for us, someone you know might be able to!

My own work, Postcards Home, deals with the issues of homesickness. Since moving to Edinburgh 3 years ago, I've been unable to go 'home', due to one thing or another, so I have a fair bit of experience with the subject.  Postcards Home is a series of postcards of places in or around Edinburgh, but the note on the back explains thoughts, feelings or memories of home that the place evokes. These places are over 100 miles apart- yet can still fill you with the same feelings and sense of place. Come along to the exhibition to see the rest of the series. 

If you're in Edinburgh please pop along- It's free!

Details on how to get to the Out Of The Blue Drillhall here.

Ode to theTangle Teezer

I've never considered my hair to be 'tangly', so when Tangle Teasers started making their way around the blogosphere I wrote them off as something I just didn't need (a rare occurrence let me tell you)- But oh boy I was wrong. 

The Tangle Teezer claims "It's a super smooth operator that works the minute hair is lathered and rinsed. Glides through wet, vulnerable and colour treated hair with no pulling, tugging or yanking." And it totally does. I'm terrible for just brushing my hair with a regular brush straight out the shower, and looking at the amount of hair in my brush, I've realised just how damaging that is. I've been using the Tangle Teezer for around 3 months now, and I've seen very little loss of hair whilst brushing, as well as minimised shedding overall (which also may have something to do with my use of Redken Extreme Anti-Snap- review coming soon).

This isn't so much of a review as I'm sure everyone and their mother owns one of these by now, I just wanted to dedicate a post to this magical hair-beast. I have white-blonde hair, so it's extremely damaged as you can imagine and while do I spend a lot of time and money on products to keep my hair looking less like a birds nest and more like a magical unicorns mane,  nothing has done my hair as much good as this has in a long time. 

The Tangle Teezer is £10.99 in Boots, but you can definitely get it for a few pounds cheaper online. If like me, you aren't accustomed to buying hair brushes (and have no idea how much they should cost), £10.99 might seem a bit steep, but let me tell you, this bad boy is worth very single penny. I don't know if I could sing this brushes praises enough. Even if you don't think you have a lot of tangles, you're hair is going to be thankful for you being a tad bit gentler to it. 

Do you use a Tangle Teezer? Love it or is it a bit of a gimmick in your opinion?

RECIPE || Mint Areo Brownies

So after my vegan brownie experience, I started thinking about what other kinds of brownies I could make. I love minty things, so Mint Areo Brownies were a no brainer for me.

These brownies are super chocolate-y with a kick of mint when you least expect it- I love them. They're not a gooey as I would have hoped, so maybe add more butter or a drop of oil if you prefer them to be gooey rather than crumbly.  I ate mine warm, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a smidge of toffee sauce (and it was perfection). Although the weather may be finally warming up, my flat is still pretty cold at night so these babies are perfect to snuggle up and munch on. 

I took the basic recipe of the vegan brownies I posted last week and just tweaked it for my own needs, so credit to for the base recipe. 

- - - - -
• 1 cup of sugar

• 2/3 eggs (dependant on size)

• 1/3rd cup of melted butter
• 3/4ths cup of self-raising flour
• 1/4th cup of baking coco (or a wee bit more if you feel like it)
• 1tsp of vanilla extract/essence
• 1tsp of peppermint extract/essence
 green food colouring  mint aero bubbles

 Preheat your oven to gas mark 7/230, and lightly grease your tin/tray/mould.
 Mix your melted butter, eggs and sugar together (don't use an electric whisk as you do not want to get too much air in them otherwise they won't be dense)
 Add your flour and mix- You may find the mixture is still a little bit lumpy, this isn't a huge deal.
  Separate about 3 table spoons worth of mixture into a separate bowl.
 Add your coco powder and vanilla extract to the original mix only.
 Add your peppermint extract and green food colouring to the sperated mixture. If your food colouring isn't very strong and so you have to add a lot to get the colour you want just add a bit more flour to get the consistency the same as your other mixture.
 Drizzle a little bit of the mint mixture into the bottom of your pan.
 Fill the rest of your pan with your chocolate mixture.
 Push mint aero bubbles into the mixture and assure they are covered with batter.
 Drizzle the rest of the mint mixture over the chocolate batter, then drag a toothpick through the mixtures to create a pattern like this:

 Bake for about 25 minutes (before removing from the oven, check if they're done by popping a toothpick into the middle and checking if it comes out clean: it it does, take it out. If it doesn't, leave it in for another few minutes until it does)
 Leave the brownies to cool in the mould for around 10 mins, then remove and leave to cool on a cooling rack fully before slicing.
- - - - - 

Let me know if you bake any or anything similar- I love seeing other peoples creations!

What's your indulgence of choice?