I had a haircut!

For the last 9 years I've had my swooping side fringe, and although I've had several different variations of it, it was getting old. So after about 3 months of 'do I, don't I?' 's Liam dragged me to the hairdressers and;

I'm now officially a full-fringy.  (See photo in my side bar for my 'old hair')
It's taking some getting used to, and re-learning how to style my hair is taking its time too haha. But I'm so glad I've done it, I think it suits my face more and makes me look less like a 12 year old who's going through their 'crazy hair' phase (the pink is coming back though, be warned). I can wear headbands, and do a half up-do now without it looking strange at the front.  I'm pretty chuffed with it if you can't tell!

What do you guys think? You more a side fringe, block fringe, or no fringe kinda person?

Wedding wear dilemma! (and a sorry!)

First off I want to appologise to my lovely followers (There's 34 of you on GFC now and a few more on bloglovin! You have no idea just how unreal I find that. I love you guys already<3). BUT YES, I'm sorry for not being around a lot recently, I'm in my last two weeks of uni at the moment so I'm trying to get my projects finished and study for my exam. Plus Liam had two of his friends down for a week so I've been looking after a bunch of boys for a while! Once it turns mid-may I'll be on a lot more often, yaay.

Anyway, on to my issue. I'm going to a wedding the first weekend of May. I choose my dress (after hours of surfing on the internet then giving up only to walk into H&M to fall in love). My issue is shoes. It's a long dress as you can see in the picture below, so I suppose I can get away with most shoes, but the dress is pretty darn sheer so I don't know.

These are the kind of styles I've been considering;
(These are all just photographs I found on google images or tumblr, because I can't buy shoes without trying them on due to my funny shaped feet)

I feel a heel will make sure the bottom of the dress doesn't get knackered (The wedding is in Shetland so I can't expect nice weather!) but then I may look overdone. The sandal style shoes would go well with the dress, but I may look short! I'm considering wearing a heel and taking a sandal so I can do a bit of both (as I'm going to have to take a decent sized bag to fit my camera in anyway)

Also, I was planning on wearing the dress with a white cropped cardigan, yes or no?

If anyone has any suggestions I will love them forever. Not even kidding.
& If anyone has any feedback on these kind of 'HELP ME' posts, feel free to let me know! I'd like to know if you guys like this kind of thing or not. I'm very indecisive so no doubt I will want to call on you for help in the future, but I'd rather not if you didn't like it.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish sample free with Red!

Just thought I would do a quick post letting you know that in this months Red magazine you get a 30ml sample of Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish (and muslin cloth)! The magazine cost me £3.90 but the sample is apparently worth £5.50. Not bad! I've been wanting to try it for a while but I've just never gotten around to getting myself some, so I'm glad I have the chance. My skin has been terrible the last week or so, so I'm up for trying anything to get it lovely again.

Review to follow!

Anyone used this before? Love it/hate it?

My week according to Instagram

  1. This was the lovely view of our cloudless sky (That white cloudyness is from a plane hurdurr). We were walking back from the tatttoo parlour after handing in some designs and I couldn't resist being a complete tourist. Shame it was the last time Edinburgh had anything close to nice weather! Welcome back rain...not.
  2. Finally caved and got me some Topshop cosmetics. Figured I would start safe (although I seriously fancy a cream blush, I just don't know if I would apply it right haha). I bought the ever so popular Razzmatazz, and It's quickly becoming my favourite polish! This photograph was taken after almost a week and there is no chippage! To be fair, these are fake nails so that's probably why, but hey ho! 
  3. This is the start of my aim to get our flat organised. It's a bit of a challenge trying to get two peoples worth of stuff (and both of us are hoarders) into a flat made for half a person, or miniature people. We have a grand total of 4 cupboards, all of which are in our kitchen (and are packed to the brim with plates etc) so we needed somewhere handy to keep our towels. We keep loosing towels (god knows how!) My initial thought was to put a shelf up and just fold them on there, but there is no room in either the bathroom or toilet room, and we don't yet own an electric drill. So when I saw someone hanging wicker baskets as a way to show off shoes (I think that's what it was, I can't even remember who it was!) I thought it would be a brilliant way to keep our towels from ending up in a heap somewhere. So far so good! (Just need to find and wash the other towels to fill it with now!)
  4. For the first time in ages I decided to do a roast. Liam's mum filled our fridge as a birthday present to him, so I got to experience cooking 'hairy carrots' for the first time. Not going to lie, they taste so much better than the regular ones, plus they look pretty in photographs. I don't have a picture of the finished meal, but it was gorgeous let me tell you. I just need to pluck up the courage to try making yorkies next (as the last remaining Scott in my family, I feel I'm letting my Yorkshire roots go to waste! I think when I go to my mums/granny's down in Yorkshire in May, I'll steal their recipe :D)
I hope everyone is having a lovely easter. I personally cannot wait for tomorrow to pop into Sainsburys and get myself a reduced choco-egg!

My name on Instagram is Jaydeetc if anyone want's to follow me! 

Review: Soap & Glory's Thick & Fast Mascara

This review is more than overdue since I got it the last week in Febuary, but at least you know I've had a lot of time to trial it huh! I got this mascara free with ELLE, which cost £3.50 but the mascara its self is worth £10, bargain! I have to admit I am a huge Soap & Glory fan as it is, so to get it for free was like heaven to me!

The packaging is much like most mascaras, but has the 'vintage pink' style font, the style Soap & Glory are know for. I love it because its quite a thin tube so it's easy to store. I don't have much storage space for my make-up so it is perfect.
There's really nothing special about the applicator. It has quite dense bristles so it picks up a lot of product which is good. You can sometimes get excess product on the end of the applicator, but I've found that to be true of most mascaras I have tried. The formula of the mascara is quite thick, so it can coat your lashes in one go. I'm not a fan of overly 'liquidy' mascaras, so I love this consistency! It has become thicker since opening it, so it seems like it could be drying up. I've not had it alll that long have I? I remember being told a mascaras life-span is about 3 months, so surely it shouldn't dry after 1? Hey ho!

Anyway, here are my lashes before I have used it (I have stupidly small lashes I know, and I look kinda dopey);

Here is after one c oat:
So you can see, it really has made a huge difference to my lashes (They haven't been curled by the way). 

& Just for effect, here they are once I have put the rest of my makeup on;
I'm sure I put another coat on, but there isn't much difference.

So overall I really quite like this mascara. It's very rare anything other than fake lashes can make my lashes look full, but this does it. However, after a month of using the product I don't see as much difference as in the beginning (when the above photos were taken), I wonder if it's because I'm used to the products or if its drying up? Or even because I don't take as much time applying it nowadays? I don't know. I would definetly consider repurchasing this product, but there are a few more mascaras I would like to try first. No doubt I will be back to this!

I hope you enjoyed my first kinda individual product review! If you have any feedback please feel free to leave a comment.

Have you tried this mascara? Would you? 

Hope everyone has a lovely easter!