I had a haircut!

10:54 am

For the last 9 years I've had my swooping side fringe, and although I've had several different variations of it, it was getting old. So after about 3 months of 'do I, don't I?' 's Liam dragged me to the hairdressers and;

I'm now officially a full-fringy.  (See photo in my side bar for my 'old hair')
It's taking some getting used to, and re-learning how to style my hair is taking its time too haha. But I'm so glad I've done it, I think it suits my face more and makes me look less like a 12 year old who's going through their 'crazy hair' phase (the pink is coming back though, be warned). I can wear headbands, and do a half up-do now without it looking strange at the front.  I'm pretty chuffed with it if you can't tell!

What do you guys think? You more a side fringe, block fringe, or no fringe kinda person?

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  1. I love a block fringe but can never commit to one! Looks great on you though!

  2. You really suit the fringe! Looks great.

    I've just grown mine out and this makes me want it back again!

    Lovely blog :)


  3. A full fringe really suits you! I'm forever wondering if I should get one cut in, too x


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