WISHLIST | Payday Picks.

I recently got a new job (I start today!) and I'm already dreaming of payday. Although the pay isn't much more than my old job, it's still about £1 an hour more (doesn't sound like much, but its a tenner extra on a ten hour shift!). I won't get paid for another 2 months, but I'm very much looking forward to it. 

These are a few of the things I have my eye on if I have some spare cash on payday. My no. 1 thing I want is to get my feet tattoo's finished, but these bits would be nice too!

I've wanted a lighting set up for a while now. I study photography at university, so it'd be nice to have this at home for test shots so I didn't have to traipse to the other side of Edinburgh to use the uni studios. It'd also be brilliant for blog-shots (and I'm sure Liam would like a go with these for photographing his hundreds of snakes). They're about £100, so they're not the best in the business but would do what I need them for. May take me a wee while to scrape together the cash though!

2. Mac 210
I mostly want this to go with item no. 6. But it would be my first "professional brush!"

I just...really like Taylor swift. There really isn't much more to it than that. This smells lovely, and I don't really have an "everyday" perfume. 

I have to wear black or dark jeans for my new job, and I only have 2 pairs, neither of which actually fit. I have a pair of high waisters already, and although they fit lovely when I got them, I've lost 2-3 inches so they slip down now. They're the most comfy jeans I've ever had, so I think high waist may be the way to go! 

I hate bikinis. I like to wear big bottoms, because well... I have a big bottom. I'm a curvy girl, and although I have no shame in getting into a bikini, I don't find them physically comfortable. I'm fat and fabulous, but I don't dig those horrible lines bikini bottoms leave me. Plus this has a very vintage-y look to it, which I'm in-love with!

I wear winged eyeliner every single day (that I'm leaving the house to go somewhere other than to pop to the shop) and although I love my L'Oreal Super liner, I want to try something new. I've been told this is very long lasting, which would be handy at work (I work in a restaurant, so it's hot and busy).

If you guys have any recommendations for alternatives for the eyeliner or lights, please give me a shout!

What are you guys lusting after at the moment?

Also, I'm on the search for a new foundation. If anyone has any recommendations for a foundation thats medium-heavy coverage and good for dry skin please let me know. 

REVIEW | Revlon Colourstay Ultimate Suede

I always feel a little bit silly feel a little bit silly wearing lipstick during the day, so on the rare occasion I go on a "night out" I jump at the chance. My mum actually recommended the Revlon Colourstay Ultimate Suede line to me, She bought the shade "Backstage" and swears down it's the best lipstick she has. I was planning on wearing an entirely black outfit so wanted something that made me look less like I was going to a funeral, So I went for a hot-pink shade named "muse". I really do love this shade, I don't need another bright pink lipstick but I'm so glad I got this one anyway.

It's a very creamy consistency, and has a lovely sheen to it. I have worn this over dry lips and the sheen kind of disguised it. If you leave your lips to "set" for a few minutes the consistency is a little less creamy but just as moisturising. Just feels less likely to smudge all over your face. It's not the most opaque formula, I applied about 2-3 layers for the colour shown on my lips above. 

When applying the product I did not notice any taste or smell, but giving the tube a sniff, it has a light scent, and not a very nice one. I've never noticed this the entire time I've used this so I wouldn't say it was a downside. 

The best part of this lip product is it's lasting power. Lipsticks don't last very long on me, hence my love of Lipcote, but this stayed hours. I put this on around 9:30 pm, after work and headed out. I was drinking, dancing and talking a lot during the night and yet it was still perfect when I woke up the next morning. I have a friend who says it didn't last as long on her, but was a good 3-4 hours without touchups. 

According to the Revlon website there are 20 shades, however they only had around 10 in the Boots branch I was in. The 10 shades I saw were very varied, so 20 different shades is pretty impressive in my opinion.

I would totally recommend this lip product to anyone. I'll definitely be getting myself some more come payday.

Revlon Colourstay Ultimate Suede is available from most high street cosmetics stores for around £8.99

LIFE | 21 before 21.

Okay, so I kinda feel like I could do more with my life. I'm not at uni at the moment, so my life consists of working, sleeping, watching movies and playing with my dog, and while that was wonderful for the first month, I now find myself a wee bit bored. And so "21 before 21" was born. I turn 21 on the 3rd of March next year, giving me just under 8 months to complete these 21 things, not to bad right?

Here's what I'm going to do;

  1. Draw something
  2. Buy a "high-end" foundation.
  3. Get a new job  (I wrote this list and then was offered a new job the next day, good start!)
  4. Make a YouTube video.
  5. Join the gym, and actually go.
  6. Take part in a pub-quiz
  7. Perfect my buttercream icing recipe 
  8. Visit the Scottish National Portrait Gallery
  9. Pull an all-nighter (not because I'm writing essays!)
  10. Go Internet-free for 24hrs
  11. Review a book
  12. Buy some form of photo-lighting
  13. Reach 100 subs on Bloglovin (This was originally 200 on GFC but alas it is no more)
  14. Find my perfect contour colour
  15. Read 5 non-uni related books
  16. Have a picnic
  17. Finish my feet tattoos
  18. Learn 10 new recipes 
  19. Visit the Edinburgh Botanical Gardens
  20. Have a PJ-Junk food-Movie marathon with Liam
  21. Stop worrying about money so much.

I will cross these off as I complete them (although, I'm not sure 21 is one I can "complete"?). So there will more than likely be a post up about all of them

If anyone has any good book recommendations for no. 15, or wants to be my gym buddy (and by gym buddy, I mean shouting-at-me-untill-I-go buddy) give me a shout on one of the social networking sites below!

I'm now off to see "Now You See Me" using my last ever staff ticket, boohoo, no more free films!

D.I.Y | Colour coded keys

Basically, I have too many keys. I never know which one is for which, despite the face I've had these keys for over a year, I still get them mixed up. To stop myself looking like a bit of a spoon, I colour coded mine (and they look pretty too!).

Here's how I did it if you fancy doing it too;

I used nail varnish/polish to paint my keys. So first off, I chose my colours. I went for pastel shades as thats mainly what my nail varnish collection consist of (I don't have much, as I can't wear it at work because I work with food).

I popped some newspaper down and taped my design onto the key. I taped a wee triangle shape onto this key, covering the areas I didn't want painted. I had to do 2-3 coats of nail polish per key, make sure you leave each coat to dry before applying another or you will end up with a gloopy mess!
Once you're happy with one side, and it's completely dry you can pop it over and paint the other side if you want to.

For this one, I just taped off the 'key' part of the key. I'd recommend not getting it on that part as I had trouble using my "splash" style keys (below) and had to take bits of the polish off.

I hope you've got some inspiration from this. Loads of people have commented to me on how 'funky' they looked, so I thought I would share. 

Let me know if any of you guys decide to do anything similar!