Winter Wishlist.

Now I know its technically classed as Autumn right now, but as you probably know, I am Scottish and so you may be able to guess what our Autumn is like. As someone said to me once "You've not experienced Scottish weather until you experience all four seasons in one day"!

I made this wishlist around a week ago, so some shopping may have occurred since. oops.

One; Primark- This is last years collection but a lady who lived in my building in my old house had it, and I lusted after it all last year. I even went to two of the Glasgow Primarks but couldn't find it. Finally after checking ebay at least once a week for the last two months, I finally found one in my size (I hope, Primark's sizing is very hit or miss). I don't know how much it was in store, but I paid £22 plus P&P. If anyone knows how much it was originally I'd love to know.

Two; Cream knitted bobble hat - New look-  £4.99. I love these slouch style hats. I actually tried a grey version of this on last time I was in New Look but decided I would wait until my coat came so I can see if the cream version will look right with it.

Three; Ebay- Faux suede flat, over-knee boots-£29.99. I love these, I've lusted over knee high boots for years, but never found any I liked as I have a slight fear of buying shoes online. My used feet sit between two sizes so I never really know which size I am, but recently they've grown a little bit so I think I'm more towards the larger size (I have elephant feet it seems!) so I feel a bit more confident now to fork out £30 for something I can't try on, plus their returns policy seems alright.

Four; H&M -Gloves (with bows)-£7.99. These are a cotton with 'pleather' bows, however I found faux suede ones in Primark for £7 and figured they would match the boots I plan on buying (when SAAS finally pay me). I love the wee bow detail. They're cute but sophisticated, will look lovely with pretty much anything I think!

Five; Over the knee socks (from anywhere). I've seen a few OFOTD using over the knee socks layered and so I fancy experimenting with them. I got a pair from Primark (as you can probably tell, I've spent a lot more time in Primark than I should have recently)they were around the £2 mark if not less. an OFOTD with them to come maybe?

Six; Matalan- Falmer Reindeer Cardigan-£30.00. This just screams Christmas to me! There's lots of Reindeer pattern and Fairisle style jumpers coming onto the market. I love the style and I'm fortunate enough to be engaged to a Shetlander, so I may try to get some real Fairisle items next time I'm visiting my lovely in-laws (or ask one of the talented ladies in his family to knit me some as a Christmas present).

Seven; Topshop- Heart Bag-£22. I just think this is so cute! I'm not sure I'd use it for anything other than nights out or quick trips into town as its quite small and I tend to carry around a big purse, my camera and a water bottle amongst a plethora of other things. Definitely a big bag person.

So that's what I'm lusting after to keep me warm and feeling good through the next few winter months. Expect an "I love my coat" post sometime in the next month, I get attached to coats quite easily.

You like my choices? What are you planning for the cold, winter days?

Primark Nail Polish Review/ An 'Indian Ocean' Dupe?

While in Primark (or Primarche as I like to call it) I was left to wait for Liam by their nail polish stand (worst mistake he could have made) and I spotted these babies. If you saw my last wishlist you'll know I've been lusting after Essies Mint Candy Apple and Models Own Indian Ocean (Part of the Beetlejuice collection) so when I spotted these for a meer £2.50 I nearly wee'd a little bit.

Now I do not own either Mint Candy Apple or Indian Ocean so I cannot vouch for how similar they actually are, but based on the thousands upon thousands of blogposts I've read they seem pretty similar to say the least.

The pastel teal/mint colour similar to the Essie polish is called 'Be Mine 84", it looks to be darker slightly than 'Mint Candy Apple' but the same tone. The pearlescent turquoise/pink polish is named 'Angel 93' which really doesn't seem much different to me. The above photographs are a wee bit darker than in real life, whereas the ones below are a bit more true to colour.

I have previously purchased Primarks brand of polish, Angelica in pastel pink called 'Sweetie Pie 82' and a lilac in 'Palma Violet 85' so I already knew I liked the formula. The above nails were painted with just one coat! (one on top of the other in the case of the last nail obviously). 'Angel' looks more glittery than pearlescent in these photographs, I think video format would be the best way to show this nail varnish. 

I now own four Primark polishes and I love them! The forumla is great, the colours are always pretty much the same as they look in the bottle and they dry quite quickly. They also last a long while. I just use a No 7 topcoat on top of my polish and it lasted me 5 days! It would have lasted me longer but I had to take it off for work. 

 I don't mind the packaging, but it does seem a little childish almost, but what can you ask of a £2.50 polish.I bought an E.L.F nail polish in Fair Pink, for the same price, a little while back, and these Primark ones are ten times better (And work out cheaper due to no P&P charges!)

 The only thing I can say against this nail varnish is that the brush becomes detached from the lid sometimes. This is easily solved by just popping a little bit of nail-glue or superglue in the end of the lid and slotting the brush back into place. Holding the brush end can be a wee bit messy but just use some kitchen roll to hold it rather than bare hands! They also don't have a huge range but there is a pastel section, a glitter, a crackle and a neon section so they're right on trend! 

To say I'm pleased with this nail polish is an understatement. For my nail look here I've mixed Palma Violet with a little bit of Sweetie Pie then put Angel over the top. It's probably my favourite combo I've ever done my nails. I really do reccomend these polishes and will definetly be picking more up when I next go in (which is more often than I like to admit).

Have you tried these polishes? Any more recommendations for cheap but brilliant polishes?

Liebster Blog Award's!

 Thank you to the Emma from Truly Outrageous, Beth from Bare Freckles & Kathryn from Eye of the Beholder who all nominated me for this/to do this. 
(and if you don't follow these lovely ladies, you should!)

I'm sure we all know what this is by now!

So the rules are:1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you plus create 11 questions for the people you've tagged to answer.3. Choose 11 people and link them in your post.4. Go to their page and tell them.5. Remember, no tag backs"

My questions are:
1. Number one go to nail colour?
2. How did you get into blogging?
3. Favourite holiday?
4.Holy grail product?
5. What phrase/moral/etc do you live by?
6. What is the best meal you have ever eaten?
7. If you could have any hair colour (without need to dye it) what would it be?
8. Huge night out or a little but fun night in?
9. Best foundation you have ever used?
10. Do you have any pets?
  and I tag

Here I go,

About me:

1. My life is a constant inner battle over my hair. I get bored of its colour so easily.
2.  I live in a zoo. We have a total of 14 animals. (More than half of these are our flatmates however)
3. I love food. I'll never been a skinny-malinkie because I love to eat everything. ever.
4. I can't grow my nails. They snap way too easily.
5. I love baking. I'm not the best at it, but I'm getting better! I'll maybe post a few recipes one day.
6. I made a bet with someone that I wouldn't drink tea for an entire year and stuck to it. I'm now officially a tea addict however, absence certainly does make the heart grow stronger.
7. I don't particularly like Edinburgh. I'm not a city girl. I think it would be brilliant if I was into drinking, and had a huge group of girly friends. But I rarely drink and would rather spend time with Liam and the tv than anything! 19 going on 90.
8 following on from the last point, I can't wait to up and move to Shetland! It's the most beautiful place I've ever been. Can't wait to settle down.
9. I'm already planning my wedding even though we promised our families we would wait untill I was finished uni (ei had money).
10. I'm not the best with money. I've put myself on a spending ban to recover from all our moving costs.
11. I'm a worry bug. I worry about everything from money, to leaving the house. I get very nervious in public etc. I used to be a pretty outgoing/confident person, but Edinburgh has just ruined that. Big bad city!

 Emmas Questions:

  • 1. What three items would you take with you to a desert island?Sun lotion. I'm so pale, I would fry in an hour without it!Lip Balm of some sort (Cherry Carmex preferably!), As I've found out due to this uncharacteristically warm Scottish Weather, My lips don't like the sun. And due to starting my new job, I've come to find I 'smack' or lick them when I'm nervous. Definetly in need of some TLCand finally, I'd like to take my FiancĂ©, however he's not an item so I'll settle for an unlimited amount of ice cream, because who doesn't love ice cream!
  • 2. What's your favourite ice cream flavour?Weird, didn't even read this question before answering my last! I love Ben and Jerrys Phish Food. Or Mint Choc-chip!
  • 3. Where is your dream destination?Ooooft, I'd love to visit America and Canada. I've only ever been to Majorca when I was 8, so anywhere but the UK would be nice!
  • 4. Where do you see yourself in five years time?When I'll have my Degree, complete with honors, done by that time. So earning some money from it would be nice! Unlikely but nice. Maybe living up in Shetland by then, or helping fund Liam through some vet nurse training.
  • 5. What's your dream purchase?Canon 5D MK III or Canon 1D III. In desperate need of a full frame!
  • 6. What's your favourite movie?Fight Club! Book is better though.
  • 7. What's your favourite TV show?Of all time? Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But at the moment I love The Walking Dead, can't wait for it to come back on!
  • 8. What three celebrities would you invite for dinner and why?I'm really un-celebrity obsessed so this one is hard for me!Emma Stone, she seems like the funniest person ever (I also have a huuuge girlcrush on her).Chuck Palahniuk, I'd love to see if he is as interesting as his books.& Rou Reynolds, (vocalist from Enter Shikari) because he is Liam's idol. Figured I'd be nice.
  • 9. What's your favourite band/musician?Brand new! Have their lyrics tattooed on me and 3 more involving their lyrics planned/designed. Dedicated fan!
  • 10. What's the best joke you have ever heard?"What do you do when you find a trumpet in your vegetable patch? You root t-toot " Okay, so it's not that funny but the person who told me it said it hillariouslyy.
  • 11. What's your favourite colour?Lilac! Even before the pastel trend!

Beths Questions:

  • 1. Who is you're favourite character from Friends?Chandler Bing! Hillarious
  • 2. If you could marry a celebrity, who would it be and why?I'm one of the few people left in the world that believe marriage should be about love and only love (ie not money, or gender etc), so I wouldn't! I'll stick to my lovely Liam!
  • 3. What do you do to make yourself feel better when you're down?Ice cream, a good movie and lots of tears. Usually followed by cuddles in bed from Liam, whilst he consoles me and tells me I don't look like a witch/elephant/whatever else.
  • 4. Which do you prefer, long or short hair?on me? Looonnggg
  • 5. Have you ever been in love?I'm engaged, what do you think! :D
  • 6. What is your favourite Ben & Jerry's flavour and why?PHISH FOOD. Its chocolatey goodness. Liam loves Cookie Dough so I quite like to steal a wee bit of his and mix it in.
  • 7. If you wanted to, would you change your life and what would you change and why?I would, but only in money senses. When me and Liam moved out, we literally had nothing. If it wasn't for my student loan, the rent wouldn't get paid very often. A wee bit more money would make our life a lot less stressfull. I'm not talking millionaire or anything, but not having to scrape pennies together at the end of the month to afford milk and bread would be nice! Och well, It's all character building! :D
  • 8. What would be the best career to have?I want to be so many things. I'm doing a BA(HONS) Photography and Film degree, so for that not to go to waste would be nice, but I've been really interested in becoming a teacher for quite a while now, so I think I'm going in that direction with a wee photography business on the side for fun.. In all honesty, I'd love to sit around and do nothing but eat and be paid for it! 
  • 9. What snack can you not stop eating once you've had one?Cookies, chocolate, anything sweet to be honest! I'm a real foodie and proud!
  • 10. What is your favourite accessory?I'm not sure if this counts since I don't take it off, but my engagement ring. 
  • 11. What makes you blog?This is a toughy since I'm still a newbie. I love it so far, It's nice outlet. I'm quite a creative person but since I'm full time at uni and work as much as possible as well as try to spend time with my fiance, I get very little me-time so this is my version of it! I'd love to have time to craft, paint, draw, etc all day long but I don't.

and last, but not least, Kathryns questions:

  • 1. Biggest fashion faux-pas?I went through the emo/scene phase quite badly when I was 13. Need I say more?
  • 2. Favourite fashion icon?I love Emma Stone. When she had her side fringe cut into a full fringe for The Amazing Spider-man (amazing indeed!)  I cut mine too. I'd been considering it for nearly 3 years but my love for everything her just helped me. She has a very cute but gorgeous style. Andrew Garfield is a lucky man.
  • 3. Favourite fashion trend?Pastel! I've always had 'funky' hair colours and pastel being my favourite it made is oh so much more acceptable! 
  • 4. Beauty (or other) blogger inspiration?Louise/Sprinkle of Glitter, she's so positive. Admittedly I found her through YouTube, but hers was one of the first blogs I followed. She's  beautiful inside and out, I really respect her.
  • 5. Favourite beauty or make up product?
  • Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. If I can include my hair stuff, then my Organix Moroccan Oil.
  • 6. Favourite make up brand?I don't really have a favourite to be honest. I could buy an entire face from Revlon or Rimmel though.
  • 7. What would be your idea of the perfect day?
  • A lay in, a nice walk with Liam, a visit to an aquarium, maybe a trip to the movies then a good filling meal. Then lots of snuggles.
  • 8.  Summer or winter?Autumn? I don't mind hot weather, but I'm a rather curvy girl so the idea of wearing shorts with no tights scares me, so Summer can be intimidating. Winter however means layers upon layers which just makes me look bigger, so in the middle is fine for me!
  • 9. Favourite colour?Lilac! Its beautiful. I also have a slight fear of yellow tones in my hair, so purple/lilac toners combat that. What more can I ask from a colour!
  • 10. What's your signature scent?I don't tend to wear the same perfumes. I never buy myself them, theyre always christmas presents. My favorite perfume ever is Jean Paul Gaultier "Classique" but I have never owned it. I just stole a spray every other day for the 18 years I lived with her hah.
  • 11. Will you do the Liesbter award again?If I was nominated again, I can't see why not. I don't want "question" posts for every other post though, It would get boring to read. I want to gain readers not lose the ones I already have! 

Thank you very much for tagging me to do this guys. 

Hope everyone is having a lovely week!

Back To Beauty Wishlist.

one: Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Shampoo - £11
two: Redken Extreme Anti-Snap - £13
three: Fine Liner Brush from Real Techniques- £6.99
four: Smashbox Brow Tech Trio- £16
five:Essie polish in Mint Candy Apple- £8.50
six: Models Own polish in Indian Ocean -£7
seven: Accessorize Merged Eyeshadow in Pink Planet- £3.95
eight: GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick in Amethyst -£6.49
nine: NYX powder blush in Taupe - £5~ (can't find in UK)
ten: Ocean Salt by LUSH- £6.75

As I have been moving as well as working around the clock recently I have kind of been ignoring all things beauty; My skincare regime  has gone completely out of the window. Now I'm starting to get settled I'm once again lusting after products.

one&two; I'm a bleach-aholic. If I don't have lilac/pink/pastel blue hair then I want to be as white as can be. As you can imagine this takes its toll on my hair. I have heard nothing but good things about the antisnap so this is first on my to-buy list as soon as I get paid. Fudge violet shampoo is part of my current mission for  "so white it's almost grey/purple" hair, I have the Provoke twice a week brightener but I want to see if this will do something more to my hair.

three: I'm a cat-liner addict. I bought Smashboxes gel eyeliner a while back but the brush I was using it with has gone to brush-heaven so I'm in the market for a new one. I love my Stippling brush by Real Techniques so I think I may try this one unless anyone has any other suggestions. 

four: I have nearly no eyebrows. Honestly. I'm very, very fair when it comes to body hair, I may as well have no eyebrows altogether. I'm using a Rimmel eyebrow pencil at the moment but it's just not doing it for me. I love my Smashbox eyeliner so I want to try their brow-tech. I was considering a brow ink but I'm concerned I would end up with "Charlie from Busted/Fightstar eyebrows".

five&six: I have nail envy. I have little stubs for nails and because I use my hands a lot at work, home and uni they snap as soon as they look pretty. It's soul destroying. However, I bought boots 200 fake nails set and I LOVE them. They're thick so they don't bend like cheap nails and the glue they come with is amazing. Now I have some fake finger ends I'm feeling some pretty nail colours; these two are first on my agenda!
seven&eight: General lusts.  Accessorize and GOSH have always impressed me and I have a thing for purple/lilac/pink at the moment. I feel when I reach my lilac/silver/sowhiteithurts hair they will go lovely!  

nine: After hearing EssieButton talk about this a few months ago, I can't get my mind off it. Apparently it is a perfect contour colour for pale skin and as ghost queen It needs to be mine. I long for the high, gorgeous cheekbones my fiance has (I hate you), unfortuneltly I have hamster cheeks so I must fake it. I can't find this in the UK though so I may have to trawl Ebay for it.

And finally ten: I have never liked LUSH. Ever. But a friend of ours from Shetland came down in February/March and as their shopping up there, to put it lightly, is shocking she spent more time in LUSH than is reccomended. By anyone. She purchased the Ocean Salt and forced me to try it (Okay so It doesn't take much convincing to get me to try a product, whatever.) I loved it. I don't want to become a LUSH fanboy but my-oh-my I need me some Ocean Salt Scrub!

Roll on payday, that's all I can say!

What's everyone lusting after at the moment?

also, I was wondering if any of my lovely followers can recommend me foundation.  My Revlon Colour Stay is almost done so I wanted to try something new. I've been looking on the Mac website for wee while now but can't decide so I'm open to any recommendations, high-street or something a bit pricier. I have fairly dry skin, I'm very pale but have horridly rosy cheeks. Thank you to anyone who suggests anything!

MIA; A quick update.

For the few followers that used to read my blog a fair bit, you may have noticed I kinda dissapeared off the face of the earth; Fear not, I am alive! The last 2 months have been hectic. I've been trying to move house without any means of transport whilst both me and Liam were working 40+ hours a week, so the internet has been on a back-burner to say the least. We've been having a lot of money issues as well, as we were effectively living and paying for 2 flat, owch, So we still don't have internet in the new flat either!

Anyway, all that should be sorted soon so I shall be back rambling about nothing in particular!

Here's a few instagrams from the last wee while to make this post a little less boring

  • We got some new friends! We pretty much live in a zoo now. We got these 3 ferrets in June they are Peeeka, Dora and Bou! They're rascals but so so cute.
  •  The wee gecko at the end we got today. There's 3 of them but the other two were in the vivarium already. We took these guys off someone our flatmate works with as he had way too many due to a recent 'litter' (no idea if that's what its called).

  • Only clean part of the new flat! woe is me
  • Beautiful shoes. Got them months and months ago but still haven't worn them. Primarks finest.
  • Shameless selfie. Getting used to my fringe at last.
  • Glitter gradient nails. They lasted about 2 days with work and moving etc.
  • Found these bad boys when packing. Can't decide if this makes me cool or painfully lame.
  • Dyed my hair! was gonna do a whole half head thing but thought that may be too much for work. It ended up washing quickly anyway. Not  keen on it at all!

  • Cut off the bands. I work with foot a lot at work so I didn't want to put customers. Time to say goodbye.
  • Another primark beauty. I must walk funny because the sides of my shoes just fall appart, got these as I was down to one pair of shoes that still had a soul. I regret nothing.
  • Procrastinating packing...oops.
  • Drip nails! Unfortunetly I accidentaly melted them trying to light the hob about10 mins after this photo was taken. Oh dear.

  • Cleaning! with the packing all done it was time to make an attempt to get to keep our deposit
  • Farewell photo. Our wee, damp and cold flat is finally ours no more. It was a perfect first home, but I cannot stand the damp and mould any longer.  We loved  you.
  • New flat! It looks like a bomb has hit it. I have about a week untill I go back to uni to get this sorted. Let the games begin!
  • Finally, Enter Shikari! We got tickets for this back in May, just happens it was around the same time we were handing over the old flat. Nice wee treat for all my hard work. They were good as usual. 
Well that's been my last month or so. I've got a few posts lined up but we're still getting moved at the moment so I'll be absent a little while yet.

Just noticed I now have over 100 followers on GFC, plus a few on Bloglovin/Hellocotton! Thank you so much everyone who actually reads this. When I wrote my first post I honestly  thought the only person who would read it would be my fiancĂ©, I'm so grateful that people actually take a few moments to read my posts! I promise lots more real posts are on their way, stick with me!