REVIEW | Maybelline Baby Lips in "Cherry Me"

I feel I'm probably a little bit late to this party, but non-the-less I do rather like Maybeline's Baby Lips.
Essentially they are a tinted lip balm but to me they feel so much more glamorous. 

I'm not going to pretend that these have some magical lip-healing quality, but they're pretty. They feel nice on the lips, and they are hydrating, but if you're after a heavy-dubty lip balm, then go for something more like Burts Bees Beeswax Lipbalm or Blistex. However, if you want a moisturising hint of colour then these are truly wonderfull.

"Cherry Me" is, so far, the only one I own and is very pink when swatched, but shows up more "cherry" like when on the lips (at least in my case). I don't like to wear lipstick on a regular basis, as it's too much effort when I'm at uni or work all day so I think this is perfect. It takes a few swipes to build up colour so you could easily apply without a mirror, which is brilliant when I'm in lectures or photo-shoots all day.

From what I can see on the Boots website, there are 6 different scents/colours (although two seem to be clear) so you have a little bit of choice. The packaging is nice, I like how the colours of the tube and the writing 'pop' against each other. So far, the lid hasn't fallen off while it's been rolling around in the bottom of my bag, which tends to be my biggest issue with this type of packaging.

All in all, I like Maybelline's Baby Lips, and will be getting a few more colours. They'll be perfect over winter when the weather tends to dry out my lips whenever I even think of putting on lipstick. I'll still be keeping my beloved Carmex Cherry  in my bag for protection against the harsh Scottish weather, but will definitely be keeping a few of these around to add a pop of colour during the next few grey, rainy months.

My Ultimate Night-In

I'm going on a spending-ban (more on that later) so you will be getting a load more lifestyle posts from me.

My other half was away down in England this weekend, and I thought I would take full advantage of a while night to msyelf. While I think spending time with your partner is very important, a bit of 'me' time every now-and-again can make a big difference. So this is my guide for a brilliant night in;

I started by popping into Lush and picked up "The Comforter" bubble bar. I know you can say this about pretty much everything from Lush, but it smells amazing. It really is comforting, and it bubbles up brilliantly. So go ahead and treat yourself to something lovely from Lush, or some nice bubble bath or whatever takes your fancy.

While my bath was running, I slapped a self-heating face mask on, and lathered my hair in this Tony & Guy Nourish Reconstruction Mask. I'm not sure the face mask did anything, but it did feel nice and the self-heating element was rather relaxing. However, the hair mask made my hair feel amazing, and I didn't have to use too much either. Would recommend it to anyone with dry or damaged hair (Or both like me!) I'm sure this isn't essential to a brilliant bath, but I really do recommend making the most out of your bath time.

Now you just have to relax, make the most of your time alone. I took my Macbook in with me, popped it on the toilet seat and watched the latest episode of Americas Next Top Model (I've become addicted, no idea why!) If you don't have somewhere far enough away from your bath to pop your laptop, please do not take it in the bathroom with you. A relaxing night is not worth a broken laptop!

After my bath I lathered my skin in Soap and Glory's Sugar Crush Buttercream and got into my PJ's (Primarks Love to Lounge range is brilliant at the moment)

Then you just need to put your feet up! I ordered myself a pizza, lit every candle I own, made a hot chocolate and lined up a load of films to watch on SkyGo. I did pan on finishing a book but Liam took the Kindle with him!

So thats my recipe for a perfect night of me-time. I'm sure I'm not the only one who likes a night to myself every now and again, what do you guys do for you me-time? Let me know!

REVIEW | Maybelline Colour Tattoo in "On & On Bronze"

I jumped on the bandwagon, oops. I generally try not to (and usually fail...) but after around 6/7 years of "cat liner" I thought it was about time to give something new a go. 

The Maybelline Colour Tattoo's are described as a "cream gel shadow"and are very creamy. They go on very smooth and I haven't experienced much creasing as of yet (I've used it with both no primer and with Urban Decay's Primer Potion). I personally think the packaging is really lovely too, very simple looking and makes accessing the product very easy. 

The colour "On & On Bronze" is, as you would expect, a metallic bronze. I find it to be quite pigmented but can be blended out to a very sheer colour.  I generally pop it on as opaque as I can close to my lash line and then blend out, then define my lash line with a black eyeshadow and pop a bit of white in my inner eye. 

I've loved using this stuff so much that I've gone and bought "Permanent Taupe" too, and planning on getting "Timeless Black" "Immortal Charcoal" come payday. I absolutely love how it looks like you've made a huge effort but it's really taken a few minutes!

Have any of you guys tried these? Got any recommendations for something similar? I'm really enjoying experimenting with something other than liquid eyeliner!

Maybelline Colour Tattoo; On & On Bronze : Superdrug £4.99 (Or two for £10 currently, anyone else see the issue with that?! haha)

Skimlinks Test

Autumn/Winter Wishlist

I don't know about you, but I love the transition from Summer to Autumn. Edinburgh is a very pretty place all year, but when the trees start to turn and everyone dons their wooly hats, it's a really lovely place to be. Winter will forever be my favourite season (I've been turned into a christmas lover in the past few years!) but I have a soft spot for Autumn for sure.

Here's what I'm lusting after to set me up for the colder months. My current "winter coat" is way too thin to keep me warm when the snow comes, but this one looks thick and pretty at the same time so it's at the top of my list, not sure if I should go for the red or black version though. However, it doesn't have a hood so this umbrella will be a must! 
Honestly, these boots are probably a mistake on the wet streets of Edinburgh, so I will be on the look out for some wellies too. I have issues finding boots to fit as I have chunky calves, so if anyone has any suggestions let me know! 
I've managed to lose my wooly hat, so this is really just a replacement and, as my fiancĂ© has told me too many times, I need another scarf like I need a hole in my head; but that wont stop me popping into Primark to pick up this lovely scarf. 

I think with these in my wardrobe I should be almost set for the colder weather (almost...). Let's hope the snow isn't as bad as last year.

What are you guys planning for your A/W wardrobe? Is it too soon to start counting down until christmas? Let me know! 

Just a quick note

Just to let you know, I've bought my domain name- "Iamjayde"-, so I am no longer "coldfeetxo" (I just really couldn't hack the XO!). I've bought it for 2 years, so it'll be stuck as this for at least 2 years.

 Planning a new blog design and hopefully a post schedule (if work can sort out my hours) ASAP. So look out for that!

Oooh, I feel like a grown up now.

REVIEW | Taylor by Taylor Swift

Anyone who knows me may be surprised to hear I'm actually a Taylor Swift fan (her music is very different to my usual cup of tea, but by-jove it's catchy and easy!). Taylor by Taylor Swift is her newest addition to her fragrance line and her best yet in my opinion. I do not own "Wonderstuck" or "Wonderstuck Enchanted" but have have my fair share of sneaky sprays in Boots ( don't lie, we all do it) and can say say this is by far her best yet.

I'm not all that good at describing scents if I am honest, but I would say it's fairly sweet. According to

"The fragrance begins with a burst of fresh fruits and flowers, blending luscious lychee and sparkling tangerine with a whisper of magnolia petals. Evoking a sense of femininity, the middle is a blushing bouquet of some of Taylor’s favourite flowers – peonies, hydrangeas and vanilla orchids. Anchoring the base is creamy sandalwood, warmed by an inviting mixture of apricot nectar, cashmere musk and a blend of woods."

When I first smelled it, all I could think about was sweeties. I think it was maybe the apricot nectar, as I do eat a lot of apricot flavoured sweets (...and cereals, and juices, and everything else with the word 'apricot' on it). I feel that compared to Taylor's other two scents, this is the more mature of the three. There is a lot of talk of it being very similar to Jessica Simpsons "Fancy Love" but sweeter, I've not smelled Jessica's fragrance but if you like that then seemingly you will like this!

I don't actually own many perfumes, because I tend to find they last all of 10 minutes on my skin. This however, lasts me hours upon hours, and I'm not overexerting here. I spritzed a skirt onto my wrist (and ultimately my jacket sleeve) in Boots to see if it was worth buying and even after a 6 hour shift in a burger bar it was still very strong. I could even still smell it when I woke up the next morning (and my jacket still faint smell of it despite me not re-spraying it and it being over a week now since its spray in Boots). I'm really amazed by it's staying power.

Apparently the bottle is trying to combine both modern and retro styling, and while I agree it is trying to do that, I can't say is awfully successful. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate it. I love the shape of the bottle, it's very 'classy' but when teamed with the colourful design and fake pearls, I feel it looses it. When I think of Taylor's image, I think classic and youthful, not fake pearls and 'retro' patterns. I don't hate it, but I don't love it. It definitely wont be replacing my gorgeous bottle of Marc Jacobs Lola (Velvet Edition) on my dressing table (it will most likely be in my handbag to be fair...)

If you're a fan of sweet scents, I'd go give this a sniff. Or if you're just a die-hard Taylor Swift lover! currently have a sale going on, so I managed to get mine for few pounds cheaper on there, so if you like this then I'd recommend ordering it before their sale ends. They also have a wonderful range of make-up, skincare and gifts in their sale so it may be worth a browse if you're in the market for new pretty things!
Taylor by Taylor Swift 30ml - £18.40 (

Do you like this scent? Better than her first too? Let me know!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

REVIEW | Driclor Solution

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Now, this is probably going to be the least glamorous post on this blog far, but hey ho. Driclor is a treatment for excessive sweating, and I love it.

We all sweat, and sometimes some of us sweat too much (like when working in a burger bar kitchen area, in a heatwave during the Edinburgh Festival period, which is lovely when your uniform is bright red- Sweat mark central!)

You are to put this on using the rollerball overnight and wash it off in the morning. You can apply this to your underarms, hands and feet (and I read somewhere some people put it on their hairline and back too, I only used this on my underarms so I can't talk about anything else).

 First time I put this on, it was fairly tingly and felt a wee bit tight for 10 minutes or so, but that went away fairly quickly and I have sensitive skin so that's pretty impressive in my books. It says to make sure the area you are applying it to is completely dry. I've put this on without drying my underarms before, and by-jove take my word for it, you want to assure the area is dry.

It says to use this every night for as long as it takes to notice a difference in your sweat levels, then use it twice a week, or as little as you feel nessicary. I did read somewhere that people have used it for 6-9 months and then stopped using it and it's still made a difference. I don't really know the science behind it, but I do know it works! I've been using this for around a month now, and I can say I've not had sweat issues since the second day I started using it.

Honestly, if you've ever felt a bit scared you're gonna sweat through something, then I whole-heartedly recommend this. No more hiding under black cardigans for me!

Driclor Solution- Boots £6.19