REVIEW | Maybelline Colour Tattoo in "On & On Bronze"

12:56 pm

I jumped on the bandwagon, oops. I generally try not to (and usually fail...) but after around 6/7 years of "cat liner" I thought it was about time to give something new a go. 

The Maybelline Colour Tattoo's are described as a "cream gel shadow"and are very creamy. They go on very smooth and I haven't experienced much creasing as of yet (I've used it with both no primer and with Urban Decay's Primer Potion). I personally think the packaging is really lovely too, very simple looking and makes accessing the product very easy. 

The colour "On & On Bronze" is, as you would expect, a metallic bronze. I find it to be quite pigmented but can be blended out to a very sheer colour.  I generally pop it on as opaque as I can close to my lash line and then blend out, then define my lash line with a black eyeshadow and pop a bit of white in my inner eye. 

I've loved using this stuff so much that I've gone and bought "Permanent Taupe" too, and planning on getting "Timeless Black" "Immortal Charcoal" come payday. I absolutely love how it looks like you've made a huge effort but it's really taken a few minutes!

Have any of you guys tried these? Got any recommendations for something similar? I'm really enjoying experimenting with something other than liquid eyeliner!

Maybelline Colour Tattoo; On & On Bronze : Superdrug £4.99 (Or two for £10 currently, anyone else see the issue with that?! haha)

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  1. Lovely swatches. I have a few of these but not this shade though I think it'll find it's way in my shopping basket on payday :)
    Got a little excited to find a fellow film student/beauty blogger!

    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

    1. What shades have you got/reccomend? Im just dying to try more!
      It's so pretty and shiny and ooooh.

      Haha, I'm sure there are a few of us somewhere. I specialised in photography a year ago though so no more films for me for now (Untill I can afford a new camera anyway!)


  2. Wow Jayde, you're eyes are amazing! I think that can be great instead of cat liner :)

    Can i stole you one minute? I was wondering if you could check my new blog and tell me your opinion :) Nikami | Beauty and Lifestyle Blog (If you don't have time i can understand, don't worry!)

    1. Oh wow, thanks! I've always wanted really blue or green eyes, Always thought they were a bit boring.

      Will check your blog out!



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