REVIEW | Lipcote.

I've never been a big lipstick fan for the sole reason it doesn't stay on. A while back I saw Lipcote in Sainsburys but chickened out of buying it as I had not seen a review on it yet, but after a wee google I had convinced myself.

It says on the box " 'Lipstick's best friend' Lipcote is the Original Lipstick Sealer and secret of smudge, feather, fade and kiss proof lipstick that lasts"

The packaging it pretty cute and discrete. It's small so could easily fit in your handbag/make-up touch-up kit. The brush is similar to a nail varnish brush, it works pretty well for its purpose however the brush does get stained with the colour of your lipstick easily.

The boxes directions say;
"1. Apply lipstick and blot with a tissue; repeat;
2. Evenly brush quick drying Lipcote over and slightly beyond lipstick;
3. Keep lips parted while Lipcote sets" (I recommend about 3 mins completely still but minimal movement for 5-8 to prevent peeling)

When you open the bottle you're hit with a very strong scent, similar to nail varnish remover. Honestly, if I was asked was given this item and didn't know what it was for, putting it on my mouth wouldn't be my first thought. When you apply it tingles quite a bit. I don't particularly mind this but I think a lot of people would hate it. It's not the most pleasant experience ever, but that said, It's a wonderful product.

For my first Lipcote experiment I first lined my lips with MUA lip-liner in Red Drama (which I love by the way) and then filled them in with  Hello Kitty lipstick in Keeping it Real (which I purchased purely because it was Hello Kitty), Finally I followed the Lipcote instructions. I wore this combo for an entire day (A full day for me is out the door at 0830/0900 lectures/photo shoots/research/printing/etc then working from 1800 untill 2300/2330 (ie not getting home untill midnight, gah!) so finding a way to make my lips look lovely all this time is a dream.)

This was the result;

As you can see the colour has worn away a little bit in the middle (the rest of the lip looks less red and more orange but that is due to the fact this photograph was taken after midnight and not due to the colour changing). For 15 hours wear I think this is bloody fabulous! I work at a cinema, usually behind the retail counter, so It's hot and your lips end up so so chapped, which makes this even more unbelievable.

About 5 minutes after putting the Lipcote on I noticed some peeling, so I reapplied my liptstick and Lipcote and didn't move my mouth for around 5-8 minutes (probably the longest I've ever done that...ever). There was no peeling after applying in this way.

All in all I think this product is a miracle in a bottle. I can look past the strong nail varnish-remover smell, the tingling and peeling if I talk to soon because I can now wear lipstick for more than 10 minutes! Expect to see me rocking the "Christmas red" look a lot this season.

I bought my Lipcote at Boots for £3.69, but you can get it from Superdrug/Sainsburys/pretty much anywhere that sells cosmetics for a asimilar price.

Any of my readers really hate this stuff? You guys rocking the red this holiday season?

Life via Instagram / update.

Hello, long-time no-post. I've been absent blogger wise for the last wee while, but I think I'm back! We finally have an actual internet connection in the house so I have no excuse! 

Recently I've not been very well, physically and mentally, but I'm feeling a lot better now.  A death in the family, feeling a little bit lonely friends-wise and me and my partner  having a lot of money issues  (the loans/bursary company here in Scotland are kind of messing me about) has been putting a lot of stress on me, plus I've been working pretty much any time I'm not at uni, relaxing huh! Fortunetly I think I'm finally getting somewhere money wise, so once I get some stuff through the mail it should all be sorted so I'm a lot less stressy-monster-Jayde. 

I've also been having a few confidence/body issues at the moment. When I first moved down to Edinburgh me and Liam kind of ate like an 8 year old would if they had the choice (ie ice-cream for every meal) so as you can imagine, I became a chubster once again. I've lost a wee bit since then, but I still feel uncomfortable. Anyway, to the point, I'm trying to buck up my eating. If anyone has any recommendations for healthy-blogs to read or just tips on not binging on Coke-a-Cola (or even if anyone in Edinburgh wants a gym/zumba/walking buddy!) please do share. A few health/body image/confidence posts may be on the horizon.

Hey-ho, on to happier things!

• FOTD, Wish my cheekbones always looked like this! The power of contouring huh! •fake zombie wound for halloween. • The only way I can wear my fringe atm, it's looking rough! • a lovely 5x4 camera I was using at uni. Such an interesting photographic technique. • FOTD from when I went to Newcastle. •Fake Primarni-Van's. comfy! •First Urban Decay item, Love it! Cheap from TK Maxx too! •My most loved shoes, shame I never have a reason to wear them haha. • Alexisonfire Tickets. Unfortnetly I can't go anymore, so if anyone wants to buy 1/2 ticket(s) for their Brixton show on the 3rd of Decemberr, feel free to email me at;

Hopefully I'll be back posting at-least weekly now I have internet and a smile on my face!

Please do leave me some get-fit (The right way, not fad diets) tips!

Hope everyones been having a better time of it this month than me.