12 for 2012

1:34 pm

While 2012 wasn't the best of years it still had some lovely moments. While looking back on 2012 and becoming awfully upset about some of last years low points, I realised I was breaking my first resolution : Be more positive, rid yourself of any opportunity to be negative. And so I decided to look through some photographs to remind me of all the good bits.

So here goes, 12 photographs that bring back some good memories:

We began the year by finally seeing my favorite band, Brand New. Complete dream come true.

We explored Edinburgh, and I discovered it wasn't as bad as I thought (still can't wait to get out of here though!)

We spent as much time in Shetland as possible, and I taught Liam to use his camera...kinda. 

We ate waaaaaay too much.

We went to Liam's uncle's/aunty's wedding, which was beautiful.

We moved out of our beloved first flat. But gained a new bigger flat.

We said goodbye to old friends who were off to new homes that could help them more

but gained some new friends!

I discovered my love for lipstick

and turned to baking as a stress reliever. 

and finally, we had our first Christmas by ourselves. 

So that it. Goodbye 2012, you were alright but I do hope 2013 is better.

Goodluck for the future everyone!

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  1. This was such a lovely post! It seems like you had a really lovely year :') And those photos of the Christmas dinner and the cupcakes are amazing!
    Niamh x


  2. I love looking back on the happy times of the previous year! Here's to 2013 being a thousand times better than last year for you!

  3. Awesome pictures! Love the pringle ferret one, so cute! Such a lovely blog you have, it would be cool if you could come over and check my blog out as well and maybe we could follow each other? I am currently running a giveaway on my blog and would love it if you could enter.


  4. Great post!
    I love your blog! Followed!
    Check out my blog sometime? :-)

  5. Oh, it looks like you had a lovely year with beautiful memories!

    /Stephanie / http:// mydarlingsolitude.blogspot.com


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