Taking the blogging plunge

4:52 pm

I'm finally doing it!

For a while I've been considering starting a blog. Now I already use Tumblr, usually just to reblog pictures of things I like, or find inspiration.  But recently I have found myself watching a lot of reviews and reading a lot more beauty blogs, and have become inspired! Now I am no where near 'fashion forward', I'm a curvy girl with very little spare cash! But I do have oppinions.

I plan to use this blog to write some reviews (I use a lot more hair products than make-up products due to having bleached hair, but I'm definitely interested in make-up), I'll be posting any bargains I hear of (voucher codes, etc), I'll be writing a bit about my life (although I'm not insanely interesting, the life of a 19 year old engaged student can somewhat differ to the usual party-animal stereotype), and pretty much everything in between!

I'm not under any impression anyone will follow me or anything but it's a nice way to keep a record of my opinions, and to fill my time between uni work and trying to teach my fiancé to work the oven!

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  1. Well missus your wrong because I'm following. Really liking your posts do far!
    Keep it up! :)


  2. I'm a newbie to the blogging world too..

    Just noticed you are now following me, thanks very much, I am now following you - liking what I've seen so far!! :)

    Hurrah for us newbies :)

    Tiff xx

  3. I love your blog, sooo cute. Your hair is seriously amazing too, and I have the same problem, addiction to bleach/bright colours, so it is really helpful to read your reviews about good products to use!


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