Trend: Pastel jeans.

11:47 am

I'm currently really interested in the pastel trend. At the moment I have very, very light pastel pink hair (due to bleach bathing my pink hair to try and make it more acceptable for work), So this trend fits me well! 

On a recent trip into town I saw jeans like this in the window of pretty much every clothes retailer! I think they're so gorgeous! I can't help but think they're going to look odd on me though. Yet again another trend not for the curvy ladies it seems. I haven't yet dared to try on a pair (mostly because if I do end up loving them I don't have the pennys just yet!). I'm so so tempted to though!

I also get the feeling I'll end up looking like I did when I was 13 and going through the 'bright skinny jeans and emo fringe' phase. Yuck!

I think for now, until my change in lifestyle starts to make an impact on my tum at least, I'll stick to my pastel nail varnishes. (Which I'll do a post on soon!)

Any curvy ladies out there loving these on you?

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