New Blog Design!

10:46 am

Just thought I'd do a little post on my new blog design. I had been doing all my own blog design but I couldn't help but think it looked a bit.. naff? I'm not a graphic designer and cannot code for the life of me, so I finally caved and bought a design.
bit naff

The lovely Grace over at urbanhypecreative was who I chose to do my design, and I don't think I could have made a better choice. I love it! It's pastel, muted and not too over the top- which is exactly what I was after. She made a design better than I could have thought of.

If you're looking for a new blog design, I thoroughly recommend Grace. She was lovely to work with, and she doesn't charge outrageous prices.

What does everyone think of my new design?

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  1. It looks lovely, I really ought to save up for a custom design myself!
    I don't know whether you're into tags but I've nominated you for the Sunshine Award on my blog ( Hope you enjoy doing it as much as I did!
    Megan xx | MeganRoisinn


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