1 year / £100 Challenge.

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So guys, I'm going to do the 1 year/£100 budget challenge. Last year, I bought a new camera (I'm a photography student, so it was much needed!) but I borrowed money from my mum to do so, so this year, my goal is to pay her back. To help me do this, I'm going to be cutting costs in every area of my life. So beauty is the first area to get cut. I have already been doing this since the start of January (I just haven't had time to buy anything in all honesty!).

For those of you that don't know, the 1 year/£100 challenge, is where you budget all of you beauty outgoings to £100 a year. It's also a good way to get through your stash! (don't lie, you got loads of shower gel sets for Christmas, you do not need anymore!) Here's my rules:

What it will include -
Make up of any kind
Shower gel, body wash, bubble bath etc.
Body lotions/butters/moisturisers
Face Washes, cleansers, toners
Skin care 
Hair dye and toners
Non-basic shampoo & hair products
Nail polish
Tools such as brushes, sponges, face cloths, cotton wool etc.
Razors/ shaving foam or cream/wax/any form of hair removal

What it won't include -
Medical items 
Sanitary products
Basic Shampoo & hair products (aka, the 3 for £10 Treseme deals, as Liam also uses this, and 3 usually lasts us about 4-6 months anyway.)
Pain relief, over the counter and prescription medications

Hair cuts (manily because I cut my own hair so it's not something I need to budget for, but I am considering having my hair coloured professionally as a birthday present) 

I first saw this on A Thrifty Mrs's blog, so if you want to read more about the challenge, head on over there. 

To keep a track of this, I've set myself up a nifty little spreadsheet. If anyone is interested, I'll post how I'm doing with the challenge along with any 'empties' posts I do, as well as a complete post about it when I finish it next year! (I'm saying January 1'st 2014 was my start date, because although I was not consciously doing the challenge, I had already been budgeting and not bought anything) Here's a wee peek at how I'm doing so far;

Are you trying to save a little bit of money this year?

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