Empties #1.

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While moving house I realised I am a class A goo-hoarder. I live with a flatmate now, so taking over the bathroom with excess amounts of crap just isn't an option. I'm on a bit of a mission to get rid of all the products I've started and just abandoned in favour of newer-prettier things; these 'empties' posts might become a more regular thing. 

Here's what I've managed to use up in the last few months or so;

This is my go to conditioner. I usually have one 'basic' conditioner (this one) and one more high-end/luxury or specialised conditioner to go between so my hair doesn't get used to one or the other. I tend to go for this conditioner as my basic because it feels good and comes in a huge 900ml size so lasts me forever. It's nothing to write home about, but it gets the job done. 

I was using this as one of my more 'specialised conditioners' for a while. I think everyone and their mum has used this stuff, it's good but my hair gets used to it so easily due to using it constantly as a teenager so will probably stay away for a while.

Anyone who is blonde, or even just highlighted, needs this stuff. It tones like nothing else, when I was completely blonde I would fore-go traditional toners and use this shampoo instead. I ended up buying a big 1L pump bottle of this before I even finished the bottle photographed above.  Now I am ombre, I use it to keep my ends as white as I can. You can read a full review I did of this product here

I bought this because my friend said it 'made her hair feel like human hair again'. When I went ombre, dying my bleached hair red then brown took its toll. While the ends felt fine, I was concerned about the roots, but I think this stuff sorted it out. My hair feels like real hair once again. 

It's no secret to anyone who knows me that my favourite scent is Lime. I mentioned in my favourites a year or so back that I was in-love with the buttercream version of this, but I love these two just as much. I generally used all 3, usually whilst having a Margarita Time Yankee Candle lit, and was in a lime-y heaven. As soon as I've finished the matching buttercream I'll be buying all 3 again, they're usually on 2 for 3 at Boots yay!

Since dying my hair brown, it's much softer and so much less styleable. Bleached-to-all-hell hair generally will stay put no matter what, so going from that to flat-as a pancake was a bit of a shock. This stuff gives my roots a bit of texture and helps to keep bobby-pins from falling out. I've found that dry-shampoo also does a pretty good job, so if you already have some you can skip out on this product.

I have wavy and frizzy hair, so anything that can turn my ugly mop into pretty-beachy waves is all good in my book. This stuff is good for 3 day old hair that you really should wash but just don't have time to, but does dry your hair out a wee bit (it's full of salt, so obviously). I will probably buy this stuff again once I've used up everything else that claims to give me beach-perfect hair. 

I absolutely love Dove's Hair Therapy Damage Solutions Shampoo & Conditioner so bought this to use in conjunction with it. This oil obviously lasted longer, but just didn't cut it. Especially compared to my beloved Dove Shampoo & Conditioner. I have to use an oil in my dry hair, but I've had much better ones than this, I won't be revisiting this.

I would say this is one of my favourite foundations. It's the closest match to my skin colour I've ever been able to find and gives me a good coverage. When I have loads of blemishes it doesn't quite cover them without a fair few coats, but it's nothing a bit of concealer can't fix. I have already re-bought this.

I've been using this since I can remember. I like matte skin, but I have super dry skin, so this is one of my only options. When I was a teenager I would use this every single day. When I found beauty blogs and YouTubers I wanted to try lots of new things, but I will always go back to this bad boy. It just works. I will be re-buying this. 

The colour selection in this foundation is one of the best on the high-street in my oppinion. The colour is damn near as good as the previously mentioned Revlon one, and they come in both red-toned and yellow-toned so you will definitely be able to find something to suit you. The coverage is lighter than I would like, and the formulation is a bit runny for my taste, but I would buy this again. Probably not any time soon, but I will end up back with it no-doubt. 

This was about 3 months worth of products, so the next post will hopefully be a little bit smaller. 

What products have you been enjoying so far this year?

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